Mick Jenkins drops new Single “Different Scales”

Mick Jenkins Different Scales
Mick Jenkins Different Scales

Mick Jenkins has a talent for crafting vivid lyrics that illustrate his message clearly. Although he does that well all throughout The Circus, the outro “Different Scales” is the clearest example of that skill. A somber piano and painful synths collide to create a cinematically angsty track that resonates.

Jenkins picks his rhymes carefully, hitting words on the offbeat and then speeding the flow up to catch back up with himself. The yo-yo like flow is hypnotizing. Produced by Chirashe & Martin $ky, the instrumental will pull you in immediately. Jenkins’ lyrical ability is on full display here; he unleashes intricate wordplay, poetic mastery, and emotional depth. “Different Scales” cuts deep and is the perfect outro for The Circus.

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